Beetroot Lemonade

Delicious, refreshing and packed with vitamins ..

Delicious, refreshing and packed with vitamins ..

Feeling a little under the weather? Needing something cool and refreshing to beat the heat? I have you covered. This cordial is delicious, refreshing and packed with¬†andioxidantss. Perfect topped with chilled water or soda, even more perfect topped with ginger beer. I’ve even been known to use it as the beginnings for some pretty amazing cocktails. Use the freshest beets you can get to maximise the nutritional boost .. and don’t forget to wear gloves unless you really like magenta hands!!

Lemon ‘n Lovage Whitefish

Lemon 'n Lovage Flake

Lemon ‘n Lovage Flake

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There are distinct nutritional benefits from eating whitefish such as Flake, Hake and Tilapia. They are packed with phosphorous, selenium, zinc and magnesium as well as B Group vitamins, especially B12. They are also very often cheaper than their darker, oilier cousins, but are (sadly) usually sold frozen, a process that ruins the soft, delicate texture of the meat. At the market today I found some delightful, super fresh Flake (shark) so I pounced on it with glee. This is my favourite, low fuss, low mess way to cook it .. and it’s faster than driving to the Chippy for takeaway too!!

Lemon Knot Biscuits (Anginetti)

Lemon Knot Biscuits

Lemon Knot Biscuits

In Italy these crunchy, tangy morsels are called Anginetti .. here they are called “delicious” .. and five minutes later “all gone”. I started making these because the gourmet delis around here charge a ridiculous amount for a handful .. that doesn’t survive the journey home ūüôā

Gran’s Super Lemony Curd

fruit toast, lemon curd and coal-tar coffee. Breakfast of champions

Fruit toast, lemon curd and coal-tar coffee. Breakfast of champions

Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet
But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat.
~ Will Holt 1958.

With all due respect to Peter Paul and Mary, they did the humble lemon a great disservice when they recorded “Lemon Tree” in 1962. Far from being inedible, lemons are a delicious, tangy addition to so much of what I cook. None more so than this delightful terribly unsubtle lemon curd. On toast for breakfast, scones for morning tea, spiced apple fritters¬†for lunch, pastries for afternoon tea, dolloped into sauces with dinner, flans for dessert and by the spoonful for midnight snacks, this is one of my very favourite things. Swirled through cheesecake, squeezed into Jammy Dodgers ,¬†slathered over pancakes or the basis for a truly cheaty lemon meringue pie, this stuff is your best friend.

Lemon Pistachio Slice

lemon pistachio slice

Lemon Pistachio Slice

Beloved prefers his biscuits spiced and/or tangy rather than sweet, so I decided to tweak Gloria’s delicate¬†lemon-esque¬†slice to reflect our less subtle tastes. The results were an unqualified success; a¬†delightfully¬†lemony taste. Not too sweet, not too tart¬†..¬†perfect for morning or afternoon tea. There’s a nice texture play going on between the crunchy biscuit base, softer¬†center, gooey topping and nuts popping in your mouth. I might just have found another way to utilise the annual lemon glut. ¬†I can take a plateful when I¬†visit friends, take a plateful¬†to work, bribe the Junior Sorority. Who’m I kidding? I will sneak a plateful for a midnight snack. I wonder what it will taste like still warm and served with Lemon Sorbet?