Dramatis Personae

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances..

“As You Like It” ~ William Shakespeare 1623

Wandering through the pages of this blog you will meet both two and four legged actors as they leap, dance, stride or wander aimlessly across on my life’s stage. I hope you enjoy their company as much as I do.


Amazon; married to Runs With Wolves

Amiable; Youngest daughter of Beloved and X. The fourth of the Junior Sorority

Angel; the smallest member of the Junior Sorority.  Beloved and my youngest daughter.

Archangel; The youngest of my chosen-sisters.  We shared a house for a while after X and I separated.

Artist; sometimes called Gatekeeper.  X and my second child.  Stepdaughter of Beloved, she is the second of the Junior sorority.

Baby Chef; partner of Eldest/Scribbler

Beloved; my life-partner.  Father of Bookworm, Amiable and Angel

Bookworm; Beloved and XX’s eldest daughter.  My stepdaughter and third of the Junior Sorority

Brother; a member of our chosen-family. Apparently addicted to garlic.

Brother Fireman; the elder of my two birth-brothers

Brother Nurse; the younger of my two birth-brothers.

Captain Earbeard a.k.a. Our Feline Overlord; A long haired troublemaker who came here with Bookworm and stole our hearts. One of the biggest  sooks you will ever meet.

Casa de Chaos; our household

Cavalier Rake; a chosen brother I met at University. Shared some of my wilder youthful adventures, some philosphical debates and many glasses of whiskey

Celestial Steed; SOAL’s life partner. He of dry wit and amusing anecdotes

Chosen-Family; a circle of close friends who are not related to us by blood, but may as well be.

Chosen-Sister; close friend who moved to Canada in early 2009.  I have not been able to come up with a cleverer name than that due to her many faceted and amazing talents

Dad; my Father

Easy Rider; One of the Magnificent Seven. Died just after Christmas 2008

Eldest; also called Scribbler.  X and my first child.  Stepdaughter of Beloved, she is the most senior of the Junior Sorority.  Partner of Baby Chef

Feline Assassin  our late cat.  A tortoiseshell moggy that “followed” Eldest home as a kitten. Died November 2012

Foxy Lady; a friend who has shared many culinary and botanical adventures.

Fuzzbutt the Canine Bottomless Pit; our dog.  An Alaskan Malemut given to me as a puppy by Runs With Wolves. Died October 2012

Fuzzbutt’s Grandpa; see Runs With Wolves

Fruit Monsters; see Junior Sorority

Gatekeeper; see Artist

Gloria; X’s Mother. My late and very much lamented ex-Mother in Law

Gran; my paternal Grandmother

Grandad; my paternal Grandfather

Gypsy Otter; one of the more colourful members of my Chosen Family. Life partner to the Cavalier Rake

Hana; me, your humble author

Herald; One of the Magnificent Seven. Married to Regal Lady

Illustrated Man; close friend, drinking buddy and sounding board. Beloved shared a house with him for a while.

Junior Sorority; our five dughters.  Also known as the Fruit Monsters

Little Brother; the “prodigal son” of our chosen-family.

Magnificent Seven; seven friends from highschool. Counting myself they included Easyrider, Wolfrunner, Librarian, Best Friend, Romeo and the Herald

Mum; my Mother

Orator; another chosen-sister of extraordinary talents, not the least of which is the ability to reduce an audience to helpless laughter, or tears, at whim

Regal Lady; married to Herald.

Runs With Wolves or  Fuzzbutt’s Grandpa.  One of the Magnificent Seven. Gave me Fuzzbutt the Canine Bottomless Pit.  Married to Amazon.

Scribbler; see Eldest

SOAL or Source Of Arcane Lore; a dear friend, Matriarch of our chosen family and provider of astonishing variety of knowledge and experience

St Francis; a friend famous for his placid nature and his affinity for animals. Married to Foxy Lady

X; my first husband. Father of Eldest and Gatekeeper

XX; Beloved’s first wife.  Mother of Bookworm and Amiable