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Bashed Spuds - turning steak 'n chips into something special

Bashed Spuds – turning steak ‘n chips into something special

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I don’t like boring food. There I have said it. Publicly confessed my secret shame. Spending 16 years married to a man who thought mushroom gravy on his chops was the height of daring can really do your head in.  I used to flee to my Mother-In-Law’s place to share a stirfry and sympathy.  Ah well, times have changed and my family share my passion for adventures. The results are occasionally disastrous, but never dull. Here is a quickie reference to some of my favourite ideas to spice up your plate 🙂

Angel Food (fragrant sweet creamy sides for pies, warm or cold fruits, puddings and scones)

Balsamic Blood Orange Beets (caramelised onion and beetroot to go with roasts and Barbeque)

Butternut Curls (“chips” made from Butternut Pumpkin to go with steak or fish or for snacking)

Caramelised Onion (savoury oniony goodness for steaks, BLTs and scrambled eggs .. also good to add to gravy, pies and casseroles)

Guacamole (buttery, bitey avocado goodness perfect with enchiladas, Chile con Carne, BBQ steak, tacos, or with corn chips while you watch a movie)

Hammy Baby Potatoes au Gratin (cheesey, smokey, herbed baby potatoes to go with just about anything ..  or on their own)

horseradish cream

Lemon Cream Icing (best ever filling/icing for sponges, biscuits, muffins and cakes)

Maple Caramelised Carrots (the least boring carrots ever .. perfect with roast pork or a BBQ side dish)

Mexican Fresh Tomato Salsa (crunchy, spicy salsa as a dip or to accompany anything Tex-Mex)

Ontopple (kind of instant sweet/sour chutney flavour for steaks, chops, various roasts or to go with damper)

Saffron Rice an alternative to plain boiled or steamed rice to accompany casseroles, curries, salads or grilled meats

Strawberries à la Hana. Fresh Strawberries marinaded in balsamic and ginger. Perfect for pancakes, icecream, scones, cold custard, in trifles or just on their own

Sweet Potato Bake. Delicious sweet-savoury side dish to accompany BBQ or roast or casserole

Toffee Sauce, Rich, sweet toffee sauce for drizzling over hot puddings, fruit pies, strudels or icecream

Yorkshire Pudding A baked “dumpling” resembling a cross between a scone and a doughnut. A filling alternative to potatoes to accompany a Sunday Roast .. and the perfect spot to pour your gravy.