Slow Cooker BBQ Slab O’ Ribs

Succulent, Fall-Off-The-Bone "BBQ" Ribs

Succulent, Fall-Off-The-Bone “BBQ” Ribs

Beloved has a secret, guilty pleasure. He watches “Barbecue Pit Masters” when he thinks we are all busy.  Not that I blame him, fire and a slab of beautiful meat strikes a primal chord in all of us. I set out to reproduce some of the delectable dishes I’d seen him drooling over. Lacking a smoking pit, or a full day to pamper and fuss over the slab of meat I brought home from the Butcher, I cheated. The results would have a Pit Master sniffing disdainfully at my claim to Barbecue Ribs .. but I bet they’d come back for seconds once they’d tried it. Beloved certainly did 🙂