Guilt-Free Roast Pork and Pear Salad

Perfect Pork and Pear Salad

Guilt-Free Pork and Pear Salad

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One of the real joys of live-streaming cooking is answering viewer challenges. Experimenting and researching food combinations I’d not previously considered has taught me a great deal about how food and the human body works. I get to play .. and learn in the process. Were it not for one such challenge, I may just have saved my German Volkhorn bread for toast .. and Leberwurst and Walnußkase .. anyway (*cough*) I’d never have discovered this gem. The Pork is nice, especially with roasted pears, but the stuffing is a whole ‘nother level of bliss. Rich, nutty and satisfying, without blowing my blood sugar through the roof. Definitely try this at home 🙂