Monsters in the Garden; When Melissa Goes Bad


like this, only with tentacles

This is the first of a series I want to write about weeds. Don’t look at me like that, I am not talking about your regular weeds here. Nettles, dandelions, feral marshmallow, horehound, soursob .. wimps all of them. The Warrigal Greens and nasturtiums that vigorously colonise the eastern fence .. amateurs. Evening primrose, mullein, poppies and chamomile that crowd the paths are no match for a good pair of boots and a shovel. The mustard, wild lettuce and rocquette that come up in the lawn are positively welcome visitors.  No No .. Heed my warning, for I speak the names uttered in hushed tones behind locked doors .. Melissa, Alexander and Rubia, Cestrum, Lablab, Opuntia and that most dreadful of adversaries; Olive. These are the shapes that haunt my garden nightmares. Break out the popcorn and find a good pillow to hug, I am going to tell you a story ..