Coconut Curried Butternut

With all the trimmings ..

With all the trimmings ..

I love one pot wonders. They are the epitome of low mess, low fuss cheating .. and none of this sludgy goop you may be imagining. This dish is simple, versatile and delicious. Hearty stay-at-home lazy weekend lunch that won’t break the bank? Perfect. Something really different to offer a potluck or progressive dinner? Steam up some fancy rice, put it in a fancy dish and mound this over the top .. finish it with coriander and you’ve stolen the show. Bored with plain roast veg (don’t look at me like that .. it is possible you know) and want a tasty alternative? This with baked hogget or goat .. divine!

Mum’s Boiled Fruit Cake and a little slice of home truth

Mum's Fruit Cake. Not perfect, but then neither am I

Not perfect, but then neither am I

It’s funny how we take some things for granted isn’t it? It wasn’t until I was visiting my Mother in hospital recently that I noticed how twisted with arthritis her hands are, how painful they must be. I am ashamed of my patronising “jokes” about learning to cook in self-defence because hers was so bad, the long suffering sighs because her efforts weren’t CWA perfect the way Gran’s were. I didn’t understand her and I didn’t try. How differently I see her with the eyes of Middle Age, rather than the blinkered sneer of Youth.