The Year I Became Mortal


The Sun also sets ..

My Surgeon has a warm, reassuring smile calculated to diffuse the awkwardness of discussing “Wimmin’s Troubles”. His smile strikes a soothing subconscious chord. It bids you relax, reminds you that he really has heard it all before. I was looking forward to his visit, and the news that I could go home from Hospital tomorrow. Imagine then, my dismay as a grave, professional mask slipped over the Fatherly smile as he read the Pathology report; “We have found a sarcoma”

Sticky Lemon Chicken

Sticky Lemon Chicken

Sticky Lemon Chicken

I had to make this about six times before I managed to get a photo.  The original version is slow-cooked in the oven, something I rarely have time to do, so I have included both the cheats and portion-for-one versions below. It’s a sweet, tangy dish with a hidden surprise.

The lemon slices caramelize and take on an intense flavour that had the Junior Sorority puckering their faces (and me gleefully claiming all the rejected morsels). If there are likely to be Greek Tragedies in your home, leave out the lemon slices and increase the juice a little. Similarly if the inclusion of spinach will cause rioting in the streets, use beans or snowpeas.

Kecap manis is a thick, sweet soy sauce from Indonesia available from either a good Asian food retailer or your local supermarket.