Zucchini Relish

This relish has a colour and flavour rather reminiscent of old fashioned mustard pickles, which makes it a nice addition to soups, stews or cheese ‘n pickles toasted sandwiches. It’s also a good way to use up some of the oops-how-did-that-get-so-big zucchini that seem to materialise on the bushes at this time of year.

I truly believe that marrows have some sort of dimension folding magic flowing through their sap .. seriously. How else can you explain the cute button attached to a flower still glistening with morning dew, transforming into the enormous woody marrow that you have to fetch a wheelbarrow and two of the kids to lift so you can get it inside to cook for supper?? It’s unnatural I tell you ..

The Year of the Turning Worm

Another birthday come and gone, another year fled on winged feet .. with me in hot pursuit, somehow never quite catching up.  Much has happened since last we spoke. Sometimes it seems as though all the water under the bridge is tears.

I have been ill.   This is unusual enough that illness itself is some sort of heady cocktail three parts confusion, one part anger.  Mercifully the “thing” growing in my uterus is not cancerous .. although at this point I am not entirely sure that this is not a very back-handed mercy.  Were it were cancer, the blasted thing would have been removed immediately, along with the offending organ, and I’d be writing to you in a cloud of settling dust. Instead I am caught in a sort of no-man’s land waiting for band-aid therapy to work, terrified that the next sneeze will cause me to exsanguinate before I can get to a hospital.  At least it’s an improvement on taking Primolut. They call it Primolut because “Psycho-in-a-bottle” didn’t test well in market research.