Roast Pepper and Potimarron Soup

The best Pumpkin Soup you've ever had :)

The best Pumpkin Soup you’ve ever had :)

Potimarron is a heritage variety of crook-neck pumpkin that grows on a large, sprawling vine that can be a bit invasive .. but is so worth it.  Each year it sends its tendrils forward to annex more territory, climbing fences and waging fierce battle with the tomatoes.  The fruit has gorgeous, bright orange flesh that is buttery moist and smooth textured.  The somewhat “nutty” flavour brings a special element to many dishes. However it’s when baked or roasted that it really shines through.



I’d like to flout my frugality credentials here, claiming this soup is made from the leftovers of the Sunday Roast. I’d be fibbing. There is almost never any leftovers once the family spots the distinctive curved slices of the Potimarron.  The fruit ripens in April to June, so this is the soup that we eat outside, basking in the last warm evenings of Autumn.

African Chicken Vegetable Pot Pie

"African" Chicken Pot Pie

“African” Chicken Pot Pie

During one of our gastronomic safaris, I found a book on the traditional cooking of Tunisia, Armenia and Morocco.  We spent several months cooking and eating the heavily spiced dishes.  This is a familiar favourite with a  nod toward those exotic flavours. I make pot pie in 1 litre casserole dishes (this recipe makes 2 pies) although it can be made in ramekins, oven proof bowls .. I’ve even made them in hollowed out pumpkins!