Gran’s Anzacs

Gran's Anzac Biscuits

Gran’s Anzac Biscuits

Last weekend, the family accepted a standing invitation to visit Brother at his Victor Harbour hideaway. It was cool and rainy.. perfect weather to stay inside, have a port or three, play boardgames and watch TV.  Now everyone knows that a really successful couch potato weekend needs snackies .. so I made the only biscuit recipe I can remember by heart; the Anzacs I used to make with my Gran. For the purists, I will concede that you won’t find this version in a 1930 copy of the Australian Woman’s Weekly. As such, you may not consider them traditional Anzacs. They are however, my Gran’s recipe, which is plenty traditional enough for me!

Hibiscus sabdariffa

Hibiscus sabdariffa fruit photgraphed by Noppharat Manakul

Hibiscus sabdariffa fruit photgraphed by Noppharat Manakul

The photo the right shows a close up of the rather stunning late Autumn fruits of the Rosella (Hibiscus sabdariffa). I grew several of these lovely shrubs from seed over the Summer.

Rosella is a South African member of the hibiscus clan that grow to about 2m high under optimal conditions. Mine reached 1.5m in about four months, produced several kilograms of fruit and seeded prolifically.. all under drought conditions.  It’s quite easy to see how it has become a weed in many subtropical areas of Australia where frost free Winters and reliable rains have allowed it to colonise roadsides. This makes it a useful forage food so almost every country cook has a recipe or two for the fruit.

The pale yellow flowers are small, pale and boring by comparison with their flamboyant tropical cousins. They are however, both prolific and edible.